Girl with long hair

How often should you trim your hair if you’re growing it out

Almost all women and even a significant percentage of men dream of having long luscious manes. Unfortunately, a wrong combination of trimming and hair care shatters their dreams and even damages their scalp’s production of new locks. Most people lose their will of having a ponytail even before their threads cover their ears. So, is there a right timing for cutting your hair, and is that enough to make it grow faster?

If you want to boost your follicles to produce new, healthy strands quicker than usual, you need a highly nourishing hair strengthener like Provillus found at This food supplement increases your metabolism rate and supplies your scalp with revitalizing nutrients that increase hair production in record time. It takes less than a month of daily intake to notice the benefits of this hair loss remedy.

What stops your hair from growing?

Growing your hair long takes time, determination and patience. This seems like an easy recipe to follow, but it is not the same for everybody. In fact, a series of factors might slow down the growing process and destroy your motivation of having long, runny threads resting on your shoulders. Here are some of them:

  • Excessive trimming
  • Inadequate nutrition
  • Stress
  • Genetic heritage
  • Cheap cosmetic products

While recurrent trimming is an obvious impediment to your hair growth, the other factors are hard to determine or to neutralize. Fortunately, there is a way of growing a luscious, thick mane in spite of all the adverse circumstances presented above. Long-term treatment with Provillus, the best remedy for hair loss on the market revives your follicles and pushes them into producing stronger threads. As long as you don’t trim them excessively, you have a good chance of having a ponytail in just a few months.

The effect of not enough trimmings

The splits give the first sign that your hair is falling off. This happens when you leave too much time between trimmings. As you can find here depending on your nutrition and your lifestyle, it could take between three weeks and four months before your threads start splitting.

Unfortunately, split ends also signal that your follicles have entered in a stand-by state and refuse to produce new hair. The eventual death of your scalp cells will lead to complete baldness if you do not use a hair strengthening solution like Provillus. This product is rich in herbal extracts and vitamins that revitalize your hair production and provides your mane with volume and gloss as soon as you trim your split ends.

Trim your mane wisely

When you trim your hair too often, there is a high risk of damaging the thickness of your threads. Because you always alter the volume of your mane, you force your follicles into producing new locks at an unnatural speed, which leads to thinner and more fragile strands.

An exact schedule upon which you can trim your hair does not exist, unfortunately, and it differs from one individual to another. The best thing that you can do is to use high-quality cosmetic products and to provide your body with a balanced nutrition that includes healthy hair growth supplements like Provillus.

Why is real estate the smartest investment?

To reach success and be secure for the rest of your life, when speaking of finances, can be hard, but even more difficult is to maintain that without the need to keep working. One can, of course, put money on the side, put it into a trust fund or just let it stay on the bank account, but money changes and its value as well, so you can only get less. A much better way to do is to follow the example of a New York girl; she will put her money into real estate and therefore keep its value without the risk of it losing its value. That is not always the truth, of course, but in most cases, and now especially, it is, and that depends on how the market works. Girls can explain this to you since they are real investors and are interested in almost anything.


Where to invest and how does it work?

Buying a house that you will live in does not mean investing unless you were paying rent before. But if you purchase a property or flat that you want to rent out, and succeed to earn money from it, then you are an investor. A New York girl is lucky enough to live in one of the few places in the world where real estate is always pricey and wanted, so the value goes up with time. That way, you don’t only gain from it all the time, but also have something that you can sell for much more than you bought it for, let’s say 10 years ago. Find girls and they will show you how to do it and which areas are the best to invest into.

Who can help you?

Find a real estate agent that already knows what he or she is doing and let them give you some advice on where and how to buy. Knowing a history of the region, how the market works and some other insider news is crucial and can bring you millions or make you lose them. Girls are aware of this, and that is why they never make their decision on their own and always seek professional help. Still, it is less risky than any other investment you can make, so let’s compare it to others. Banking and stock exchange can bring you more money in a shorter amount of time, and you don’t need much to start, but it is unpredictable and unsafe. In the end, you need quite a lot of stocks to have dividends that pay as much as your rent. Any New York girl would admit that more brokers ended up on the streets than successful agents who managed to buy a flat on Fifth Avenue.

Besides the pride of ownership and asset value appreciation, investing in real estate can maximize your tax benefits. It allows unlimited mortgage interest deductions and shields the positive cash flow that you make out or rent or other benefits. To find out more about how much it can bring you and what you can achieve in a short amount of time, contact a real estate agent or even a lady, she might also know quite a lot about it. Then, a few years later, both of you can go somewhere and even travel the world without any problems or job, because the cash keeps coming all the time.